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We realise we haven't updated this section for a long time. You can find out a lot more about what has happened recently by reading our latest newsletter.

Hello all! Welcome to Leaf's new website.

As many of you know, the old site was quite out of date and was beginning to cause confusion for people looking for the latest information regarding our books, competitions and the Writers' Magazine. Our original intention had been to keep working on the site behind the scenes and switch over when it was fully finished - but with a growing number of people contacting us regarding information that should have been available on our website we realised we needed to change our plans. After consulting the public we decided to bring forward the switch-over date, and here is the new site.

For the past year we have endeavored to ensure that everything about the site is improved, from the information it contains, to the way you navigate between pages. Obviously, we switched to the new design a little earlier than expected so haven't finished adding all the details yet but we're well on our way. You can expect easier access to information about our competitions, a better awareness of our actions and upcoming releases, and a more streamlined shopping experience.

It is fair to say we have big plans for this new design. We will be maintaining a resources section that lists writing groups and other useful tips, soon you will be able to see all of the authors that Leaf has had the privilege of publishing since 2005, and we aim to integrate the website with our other social media presences to allow writers and poets... and readers too to come together more easily. We believe in Getting Writers Published, and our new site will be a big help in doing that.

At the start of July 2011 the new team moved into the Leaf office and we've been working around the clock to bring everything up to speed. Once we manage that this page will update more often. In the meantime you can keep up to date with what's going on by checking our Facebook and Twitter pages.
Leaf Books' Office Move and new address
As part of the new team's efforts to consolidate Leaf Books we have moved offices again (last time now, we think!) so all post should now go to:
New address:
Leaf Books
30a Moy Road
CF24 4TF
Don't panic if you've sent something to an old address; they're aware of the situation and we are checking with them regularly for any displaced mail.
(We apologise too for any delays in, basically, anything - we've had a lot to catch up on and we can't rule out forgetting things along the way)
Leaf Writers’ Magazine Submission Opportunities
Would you like to write for the Leaf Writers’ Magazine?
Every issue of the Leaf Writers’ Magazine features a number of articles that focus on different aspects of writing and the creative process. Leaf Books is always on the look out for talented writers to report on, discuss and enlighten readers on a variety of themes. Have a look at the themes below – of course, if you have a brilliant idea or want to suggest a further area to cover, then we’re all ears.
To submit an article:
Please send (by the deadline, if applicable):
  • an article proposal/outline, to give us a good idea of what you plan to write (200 words)
  • the first paragraph of your article (draft, 200 words)
If we decide to publish the article, we will contact you as soon as possible.
Call for submissions: Issue 6 (Spring 2012)
PROPOSAL DEADLINE: 17 October 2011
The themes for Issue 4 are Past Success and New Directions.
Success stories from people previously published by Leaf
New methods for writers to promote themselves.
Ebooks - how have they affected you?
Writing techniques: analyse the art of writing dialogue, creating characters, unreliable narrators, beginnings, endings, plots, twists and so on.
Call for open submissions (these articles could feed into any future publication)
We are also looking for article proposals on the following themes:
  • Adaptations – literature into film
  • Author interviews
  • Writing for Children
  • Writing for Competitions
  • Aspects of Genre writing – for example, crime, horror, sci-fi, romance
  • Literary Prizes
  • Getting published / the book trade / e-books
Please email your proposals to Leaf Editor Kevin Davies ( with the article proposal theme in the subject line.
Contacting Leaf Books
Post: Leaf Books, 30a Moy Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 4TF
A member of the GTi Business Network.

The 2007 Micro-Fiction Competition Winners are as follows.


‘Imagine Coal’ by Mary Cookson

Runner up

‘Moving House’ by Anne Youngson


‘Toothbrushes’ by Mary Cookson

‘The Writing on the Wall’ by Anne Youngson

‘Fish’ by Una Corbett

‘Ten Past Five’ by Robert Warrington

‘Whisky and Cigarettes’ by Sara Benham

‘The Man and the Pea Ball Chain’ by Frederick Mugford

‘Acquiring Wisdom’ by Suzanne Weichhart

‘Outside the Station’ by Lauren Huxley-Blythe

‘Letter to Bridget’ by Lyn Browne

'Fallen Fruit' by Ken Elkes

'The Alien Prisoner's Dilemma' by Richard Hough

'The Affluence of Incohol' by Jo Horsman

'The Woman Who Starts Accidents' by Jo Horsman

'Memoir 101' by Lockie Hunter

'Love' by Morag Edward

'A Strong Hand' by Sarah Dunnakey

'Spilt Milk' by Ruby Radburn

'Pop-Lockin'' by Marie Gallagher

'Drowning Mother' by Ruth Fay

'A Space of Waste' by Shirley Golden

'Entertaining the Idea' by Shirley Golden

'Illumination' by Shirley Golden

'A Problem Shared' by Helen Pizzey

'Velcro' by Emma Dewhurst

'Nape' by Lorraine Cave

'Pineapple' by Lorraine Cave

'Missing' by Lorraine Cave

'The Signal' by Ailsa Cox

'RIP' by Christine Todd

'Gingerbread Mum' by Anne Shewring


Congratulations to the above and our thanks to all who entered. The anthology will go into production very shortly. Naked Thighs and Cotton Frocks and Other Stories is near completion. All very exciting.



For they are indeed amongst us. They're so beautiful. It's almost absurd. We're really very smug. We've started sending out the complimentary copies of both titles and we'll resume doing so at the beginning of next week, because the post-sorting-person understandably has conniptions if you try to bury her entirely underneath 57 moderately bulky envelopes or however many it is. All the orders have been fulfilled though. Good. You ought to buy these books, you know. Really you ought. Derek and More Micro-Fiction sports the last Matt-designed cover and The Dogstar and Other Science Fiction Stories has an equally brilliant Ceci-designed cover and there are many and varied, you know, words inside and it's all just a bit divine. And they're heavy and shiny and bookish. We love them obscenely much.

Ukraine and Other Poems next. Shockingly soon, actually, and Naked Thighs and Cotton Frocks and Other Stories not long after. It's brilliant. It's like we're eating nothing but oats and steroids.


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